Vic Williams



VIC WILLIAMS HAS given a lot of things a try during his life. From toiling on a Building-Site. To sleep-walking in a factory. From Milkman (again sleep-walking, because it was so bloody early he recalls) To working for a Premier league football team (trying to flog advertising and lottery tickets to keep Everton afloat). From dashing Ice Cream Vendor, to hard-bitten Truck Driver. From the purveyor of fruit and veg and all things organic, to Hypnotist. From Tarot Card Reader to Market Researcher. From Spiritual Healer to Salesman. And not forgetting his Cartoonist and short-story writing period.

None of the above in chronological order, nor even comprehensive.  And now, on the home straight – Finally an author, with an account of a guy who shared a story on a plane – And changed his life.

He lives in Cheshire with his wife Rose, and Ted the dog.


 Do two things differently!

Forget how to worry – and remember how to be happy